BSAVA - Orthopaedic trauma: The first 24 hours

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Event date

25 April 2017

Venue location

The Capital Venue
Edison Close



Membership Services, 01452 726700

Event type

Partner events


BSAVA members - £246

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Event Description

This one day course will try to cover all the basics of initial patient assessment and stabilisation, through more detailed orthopaedic and neurological assessment. We will consider appropriate pain management, and first aid for open wounds and fractures. The use of dressings to provide temporary stabilisation (and pain relief) for unstable fractures will be covered - when they should be used, when they should NOT be used, and how to apply them. Once the patient is stable and comfortable, we can then consider imaging, fracture planning, and optimal timing of fracture management. Fracture management for selected fractures will be discussed. And finally, we will spend a little time on spinal trauma patients - hopefully giving you some insight on the management on these sometimes very challenging cases.