Herd Health - Lameness in dairy cattle

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For more details please visit www.herdhealth.co.uk/lameness-in-dairy-cattle-science-into-actions/

Event date

07 May 2019 - 09 May 2019

Venue location

Down Hatherley Lane
Down Hatherley


Nick Bell and Roger Blowey, 07870619211

Event type

Partner events


Roger Blowey FRCVS and Nick Bell MRCVS


£775 includes 3 days of seminars and workshop, with course notes, lunches, refreshments. No VAT. The price excluded accommodation and evening meal.

Event Description

A systematic review of the current evidence-based for lameness. The course is a lively coverage of the theory and practice of lameness prevention and control in dairy cattle. The course covers over 20 research projects that the authors have been involved with as well as some practicals likely to transform the way you view lame cows. Some important discoveries have stemmed from the practicals.

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