RVC Webinar Plus: Building resilience to the challenges and pressures of practice

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To book please follow the link to our website: https://cpd.rvc.ac.uk/courses/webinar-plus-building-resilience-to-the-challenges-and-pressures-of-practice or call the CPD Unit on 01707 666865

Event date

04 June 2018 - 01 July 2018

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Paula Mann, 01707 666865

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Partner events



Event Description

Can we be taught to become more resilient? Can we support others to do so? Veterinary practices place huge demands on veterinarians – testing their clinical and professional skills on a daily basis. Dissatisfaction and stress, be it occasional or frequent, can make us all sometimes wonder why we became vets in the first place. Building resilience to deal with the inevitable challenges and pressures of practice may not seem to be a “teachable” skill – but it is! Why do this course?

Through this course you will develop a better understanding of our profession, will take time to focus on why you wanted to be a vet in the first place, and enjoy discussing with peers the challenges faced in everyday practice. All of which will help to build support for the difficult days in practice, to mentor colleagues who may be facing similar issues and to regain a love for the profession we were all once so desperate to join.

Course details

Course format: A mixture of one hour weekly webinars (which can be viewed live and/or as recorded version throughout the course), online activities, videos and tutor-moderated online discussion forums

Course length: Four weeks

Webinar dates: The webinars will run on the following dates from 12.00pm to 2.00pm GMT including a 30 minute registration and familiarisation period prior to the commencement of the lecture.  Tuesday 5th June, Tuesday 12th June, Tuesday 19th June and Tuesday 26th June.

CertAVP suitability: Some learning objectives for the A module, Foundations of Veterinary Practice (A-FAVP) 

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