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To book please follow the link to our website: https://cpd.rvc.ac.uk/courses/emergency-patient-online-0 or call the CPD Unit on 01707 666865

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24 September 2018 - 04 November 2018

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Paula Mann, 01707 666865

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Event Description

Emergencies are common in all practices, not just after hours! Emergency cases can be some of the most fun and rewarding patients seen in veterinary practice. However, they can also be some of the more challenging and stressful patients to treat. This course will provide practitioners with a rational and logical approach to the assessment of the emergency patient.

Why do this course? You will learn diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to common emergency and trauma cases to increase your confidence and reduce your stress levels.

Course details

Course format: An intensive tutor-moderated learning experience. Course resources include course notes, videos, case assessments, self-assessment quizzes and discussion forums in which participants review and discuss cases with their colleagues and the tutor

Course length: Six weeks

Relevant to CertAVP modules: Emergency and Critical Care (C-ECC.1, 2 and 3)

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