RVC - Practical echocardiography scanning day

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For further information and to book please contact the RVC CPD unit on 01707 666865, email cpd@rvc.ac.uk or visit http://cpd.rvc.ac.uk/

Event date

27 September 2017

Venue location

Royal Veterinary College
Hawkshead House
Hawkshead Lane


Paula Mann, 01707 666865

Event type

Partner events



Event Description

Many veterinarians are keen to develop their knowledge and skills in echocardiography as it is such a useful diagnostic tool in general practice. There are many CPD courses available from different providers that provide a rich learning experience in a variety of formats. However, some courses cannot offer a practical component, of those that do there is rarely time for more than a few hours of practical experience and there is virtually never an opportunity for participants to return for further guidance after the course.

This practical scanning day will be an opportunity for veterinarians to build on their ultrasonography skills by spending the day scanning under the expert guidance of David Connolly and Virginia Luis Fuentes. The day will be entirely devoted to scanning – lectures and course notes will be limited to a brief overview for each type of scanning and participants will be expected to have attended a CPD course (from any suitable CPD provider, not just the RVC) previously where the basics of ultrasound theory and echocardiography were discussed and techniques demonstrated.

You’ve listened to the lectures, watched the videos and tried it on your own. Now come and practise your skills with the experts! You may also wish to attend the companion day to this course “Integrating echocardiography and clinical practice”

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