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Effect of three types of horseshoes and unshod feet on selected non-podal forelimb kinematic variables measured by an extremity mounted inertial measurement unit sensor system

by Stutz, J. C., Vidondo, B., Ramseyer, A., Maninchedda, U. E., Cruz, A. M.

Therapeutic farriery is part of the management of certain orthopaedic conditions. Non-podal parameters are important as most horses shod with therapeutic shoes are expected to perform again and the choice of shoe type may be influenced by the effects...


Novel dry cryotherapy system for cooling the equine digit

by Morgan, J., Stefanovski, D., Lenfest, M., Chatterjee, S., Orsini, J.

ObjectivesDigital cryotherapy is commonly used for laminitis prophylaxis and treatment. Currently validated methods for distal limb cryotherapy involve wet application or compression technology. There is a need for a practical, affordable, dry cryoth...


Veterinary pharmacovigilance in Europe: a survey of veterinary practitioners

by De Briyne, N., Gopal, R., Diesel, G., Iatridou, D., O'Rourke, D.

A web-based survey was conducted by the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe with the support of the European Medicines Agency to gain a better insight into the adverse event reporting habits of veterinary practitioners and the level of information ...

Companion Animal

Correlation between capillary oxygen saturation and small intestinal wall thickness in the equine colic patient

by Mirle, E., Wogatzki, A., Kunzmann, R., Schoenfelder, A. M., Litzke, L. F.

The surgical evaluation of haemorrhagic infarcted intestine and the decision for or against bowel resection require a lot of experience and are subjective. The aim of this prospective, clinical study was to examine the correlation between oxygen satu...


Actinomyces denticolens colonisation identified in equine tonsillar crypts

by Murakami, S., Otaki, M., Hayashi, Y., Higuchi, K., Kobayashi, T., Torii, Y., Yokoyama, E., Azuma, R.

Recently, submandibular abscesses associated with Actinomyces denticolens have been reported in horses. The actinomycotic clumps have been observed in the tonsillar crypts. The aim of this study was to demonstrate colonisation of A denticolens in equ...