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The confidence and communication skills to negotiate with your boss...or anyone else

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The basis of effective communication is the ability to set, deliver or adjust expectations. This applies whether communicating with a client, a supplier or as is the focus of this talk, your employer. 

The objective of effective negotiations is to get what you need in a way that strengthens the relationship with the other party as opposed to weakening it. In order to do this we must aim to achieve a mutually beneficial consensus. 

The areas that the veterinary employee and employer should reach consensus on, in order for an effective working relationship to occur, are:

  • clinical styles
  • protocols and standards
  • client satisfaction and customer care standards
  • financial remuneration and expected performance in return
  • team morale and inter-colleague conduct

A well-managed practice will use job descriptions, induction processes, ongoing mentoring and appraisals to define and agree these areas. In reality, many employers are less than precise about what they want and expect.  This talk will help you understand what an employer actually wants even if they aren’t able to define and articulate it themselves.

Speaker: Brian Faulkner, Consultant and Veterinary Surgeon, The Colourful Consultancy

Running time: 57 minutes
From the Careers theatre at London Vet Show 2016

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