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Euthanasia - veterinary client care and consent

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The obtaining of informed consent before the administration of any form of medical or surgical intervention is a professional obligation for the healthcare professions. This session will explore the meaning of the phrase ‘informed consent’ and the practical application of the professional code of conduct for veterinary surgeons as it applies to euthanasia. 

Animal welfare is a key consideration for veterinary surgeons whereas, depending on the species and circumstances, owners may be more concerned with emotional attachment, methods for euthanasia, observing the process, cost, the method of disposal and the process of grieving. Every year a number of claims relating to euthanasia are handled by the Veterinary Defence Society or referred to the professional conduct department of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Examples of such claims or complaints will be discussed.

The session will also cover end of life conversations with clients and managing those discussions to get the best outcomes for patients and will explore the barriers to good decision making and some ways of surmounting them. 

Julian Wells, Claims Director, Veterinary Defence Society
Robin Hargreaves, Director, Stanley House Veterinary Group and former President of BVA

Running time: 68 minutes.
From the Careers theatre at London Vet Show 2016

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