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How to thrive in veterinary practice

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An engaged, motivated, resilient team is the key to the success of every practice. Practices that develop, grow and value their team will reap the rewards from their investment. Our overall wellbeing is directly related to our wellbeing at work, making the workplace an ideal place to take positive steps to intervene and make a real difference

During this session we will identify the practical steps to improve your own wellbeing in practice (and that of your team) and how to develop a more resilient and flexible approach so you can thrive in practice. We will explore the importance of adopting such an approach and the consequences if we don’t, specifically covering something everyone working in a veterinary practice is exposed to, compassion fatigue.

Speaker: Carolyne Crowe, Veterinary Surgeon, Performance and Wellbeing coach - Carolyne Crowe Consulting

Running time: 70 minutes
From the Careers theatre at London Vet Show 2016

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