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Palliative care in veterinary practice

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Palliative care is a specialised area of patient therapy that focuses on improving the quality of life of cats and dogs with serious or life threatening diseases.

While symptom control is central to palliative care by managing the physical effects of a disease and its treatment, this branch of medicine also calls upon our resources as veterinarians and veterinary nurses in the areas of empathy and communication as we help owners to emotionally cope with their pet’s illness.

Palliative care unites the entire practice team and can be provided on site, at home or on an out-patient basis. The difference between palliative care and end of life care is that palliative care can be introduced sooner into the patient’s management plan. However when treatment is no longer effective and quality of life is declining, our focus must shift to preparation for the emotional and practical aspects of euthanasia.

Speaker: Iain Grant, American Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Oncology

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From the Careers theatre at London Vet Show 2016

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