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Diagnosing and managing chronic horse foot pain

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This talk will cover the diagnostic approach to the investigation of horse’s with chronic foot problems and will include how to critically appraise horses’ foot conformation, the interpretation of diagnostic analgesia techniques and the role of radiography and other imaging techniques, including magnetic resonance imaging, in the diagnosis of foot lameness.

Some common causes of foot lameness will be discussed. Treatment strategies including medical intervention, shoeing techniques and surgical intervention for different conditions of the foot will be covered.

Farriery management of chronic foot pain will also be covered.


  • Jane Boswell, ECVS Specialist in Equine Sugery, Liphook Equine Hospital
  • David Nicolls, Technical Director, Total Foot Protection Limited

Running time: 63 minutes.
Part of the BVA / BEVA equine stream at London Vet Show 2016

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