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Laminitis - approach to the chronic or recurrent case

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A significant proportion of laminitis cases become chronic or recurrent, these are challenging to manage and cause stress and anxiety for owners, horses and clinicians.

Establishing a prognosis is crucial to determine when treatment should be continued and should be guided by responses to analgesia, radiographic changes and other factors.  Successful case management requires a broad approach including analgesia, farriery and diagnosis and management of underlying conditions.

Cooperation with farriers is essential and understanding the principles of farriery for chronic laminitis such as foot stability, breakover position and recruitment of ground area helps to establish common treatment goals.

Learning outcomes

  • Main factors affecting prognosis in chronic laminitis.
  • Basic principles of farriery for chronic laminitis.
  • Diagnosis of underlying conditions – testing for endocrinopathies


Edd Knowles, RCVS recognised specialist in Equine Internal Medicine, Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic

Running time: 48 minutes.
Part of the BVA / BEVA equine stream at London Vet Show 2016.

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