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Following the launch of BVA’s poster on submitting conformation altering surgeries and caesareans earlier this year, BVA Junior Vice President Gudrun Ravetz uses this webinar to look at the current issues surrounding pedigree dog health in the UK and where vets can play more of a role in preventing breed health issues.

Looking at the latest campaigns and research into dog breed health, Gudrun will examine:

  • What factors have led to the problems vets commonly see today
  • The popularisation of brachycephalic breeds, and how these issues impact on animal welfare
  • The current databases being used to track and improve dog health and discuss whether data submission work
  • A vet's role when faced with a dog suffering from a breed specific issues

Uploaded: 2016.
Running time: 54 minutes.
Webinar produced in partnership with The Webinar Vet.

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