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Graduate guide: Chapter 3 - Getting a job

The newly-updated BVA graduate guide is designed for students who are soon to graduate, to provide support and assistance when embarking on the next phase into professional life.

Chapter 3: Getting a job

It’s time to put your hard work into practice and take the first steps in your career. Job hunting can seem like a stressful activity, especially as it often happens around times of intense pressure, whether that’s as you’re about to finish your degree, during rotations, or at a time you’re tired and feel you need a break. However, putting time aside to plan and prepare a job hunt can pay off many times over later — your future self will thank you.

As recognised in the non-practice careers section, there’s a wide range of roles available to the holder of a veterinary degree. This information tends to lean towards a career in practice but much of the following information is relevant to all graduates.

This chapter contains:

  • Looking for a job
  • Organising your search
  • Preparing your CV
  • Writing application letters
  • Interview preparation
  • Evaluating the job
  • Contracts – your rights and your employer’s responsibilities

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Graduate guide: Getting a job