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Graduate guide: Chapter 9 - Managing euthanasia

The newly-updated BVA graduate guide is designed for students who are soon to graduate, to provide support and assistance when embarking on the next phase into professional life.

Chapter 9: Managing euthanasia

Euthanasia of an animal opens new dimensions to the subject of loss and grief. This issue can provoke more emotion, ethical deliberation, and anxiety than many other areas in veterinary practice and there is an enormous diversity of opinion.

This chapter covers a few thoughts and suggestions on how we can cope with our involvement with euthanasia:

  • Managing euthanasia
  • At the time of euthanasia
  • Helpful points on euthanasia
  • The loss of a pet for an owner
  • Children and pet loss
  • Your own grief, as a vet


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Graduate guide: Managing euthanasia