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Professional Development Phase (PDP) - a guide for new graduates

As a new graduate and a full member of the RCVS, you are legally qualified to practise as a veterinary surgeon. However, consideration needs to be given to the additional support you will need, and the experience you need to build up, as you are new to the profession.

Professional Development Phase (PDP) acknowledges this and outlines the standard of competence and range of skills that RCVS expects recently graduated veterinary surgeons to achieve after about a year in clinical practice.

Although referred to as year one competence there is no timescale in which you have to complete your PDP and achieve the Year One Competences; it is dependent on your caseload and experience.

Published: 2013  
Edition: 2 
Publisher: BVA  
Number of pages: 4 
Format: PDF


This short BVA guide to PDP for new graduates includes:

  • How to get from day one competence to year one competence
  • Step by step – the RCVS Professional Development Record (PDR)
  • Who will support you
  • What to do if you are not receiving any support

Young Vet Network

BVA recognises that the transition from vet school to professional life can be challenging, so the BVA Young Vet Network was set up to provide additional support and services to BVA members in their final year and first 8 years after graduation. 

BVA legal helpline

As a member, if you need trusted, confidential, and independent legal advice about anything from a problem at work to a consumer rights issue, you can access our legal helpline for free advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Professional Development Phase (PDP) - a guide for new graduates