Veterinary workplaces should be supportive and inclusive.

Stress, burnout, discrimination, and lack of career progression all contribute to the retention crisis in the veterinary profession. To tackle the ‘leaky bucket’ of vets leaving the profession, we all need to change the culture to create more supportive veterinary workplaces.

No matter your role or chosen sector, and regardless of whether you are an employer or an employee, every member of the profession has a role to play in creating and maintaining good workplaces.

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Why do good workplaces matter?

Healthy workplaces are good for everyone and for business. They are also vital to allow veterinary professionals to fulfil their professional oaths and continue to safeguard animal health and welfare, and public health.

Vets' day to day experiences have the greatest impact on their satisfaction with their work. We all need to play our part in creating a good workplace culture, where everyone feels valued and included.

How can you get involved?

Read our position on good veterinary workplaces and follow our recommendations in your workplace.

Get your team to sign up to the BVA good veterinary workplaces voluntary code - download our workbook and display a signed copy of our poster to show your commitment.

Share on social media using #GoodWorkplaces #TimeForChange and #BigConversation. Don't forget to tag @BritishVets.

Download our good veterinary workplaces resources