Veterinary workplaces should be supportive and inclusive.

Stress, burnout, discrimination, and lack of career progression all contribute to the retention crisis in the veterinary profession.

To tackle the ‘leaky bucket’ of vets leaving the profession first we need to fully understand the issues vets are facing, and then we need to change the culture to create more supportive veterinary workplaces.

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Why are vets leaving the profession?

Our research found that 37% of vets were actively thinking about leaving the profession. Vets are more likely to suffer burnout and consider leaving the profession if they don't feel valued, don't feel like they fit in, or don't have role models. Vets who feel they belong and have an expectation they will succeed in their careers are more likely to feel they have a good work:life balance, even if their hours are long.

Vets' day to day experiences have the greatest impact on their satisfaction with their work. We need to fix the ‘leaky bucket’ and that means it's time to change the workplace culture.

How can you get involved?

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