The role of the vet in treatment choice decision-making

The role of the vet in treatment choice decision-making

Recent advances in surgery and pharmaceuticals have greatly increased the treatment options available to vets as well as the potential cost to the customer. In addition, over the last few years the welfare of the animal has rightly become a more prominent consideration.

Published: 2009 
Edition: 1 
Publisher: BVA 
Number of pages: 8
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There is a constant demand from the general public for greater accountability and transparency in all professions. It may be perceived that those professions dealing directly with humans and animals have a particular responsibility in this respect.

All these factors combine to ensure that the treatment choice decision-making process becomes ever more complex.

Here we aim to stimulate thought-provoking questions through philosophical discussion to aid vets and veterinary nurses when discussing treatment options with clients.

  • The needs of the animal
  • Treatment and quality of life
  • The view of the client
  • Ethical issues concerning the vet
  • The role of the practice

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