Personal development review guide

Personal development review guide

Personal development reviews, often referred to as appraisals, are an excellent management tool.

Done well they can lead to happy, well-trained, motivated staff and a positive team attitude, which is good for you, your clients and your business. However, done badly they can be more damaging than not carrying out the review in the first place.

This BVA guidance outlines the purpose of personal development reviews and information on how to get the most from the process. There are also templates to help you set up an effective review process.

Published: 2013
Edition: 1
Publisher: BVA
Number of pages: 9
Format: PDF

This guide explains:

  • What are personal development reviews?
  • Why have a personal development review process?
  • How to get the most from your personal development review
  • How to carry out a personal development review
  • What an employee should think about to prepare for a review
  • What could be included in a discussion summary document

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