Professional Development Phase for employers

Professional Development Phase for employers

New graduates that are full members of the RCVS are legally qualified to practise as veterinary surgeons. However, new graduates need support from experienced colleagues because of their relative inexperience. 

Your new graduate will need support and mentoring; the RCVS suggests that Professional Development Phase (PDP) works best if the new graduate is able to discuss their performance and development with a more senior colleague. If the new graduate feels supported and is able to ask for advice and guidance when needed and when any problems occur; they will become a more valuable member of the team.

Published: 2013
Edition: 2
Publisher: BVA
Number of pages: 4
Format: PDF

This short BVA guide for employers includes:

  • Measuring competence
  • Self-evaluation system – RCVS Professional Development Record
  • How to support your new graduate
  • What PDP could do for you

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