Extramural studies (EMS) - a guide for practitioners

Extramural studies (EMS) - a guide for practitioners

Extramural studies (EMS) has long been an essential part of veterinary student education. A large part of the continuing success of EMS is down to the goodwill of veterinary practices in providing placements to enable students to gain the practical experience required as part of the veterinary degree course.

We've produced this EMS guide so that you, as the EMS provider, and the student are clear on what to expect, enabling you both to get the most out of the experience. 

Published: 20 11
Edition: 1
Publisher: BVA
Number of pages: 7
Format: PDF

This guide includes:

  • What you can gain from EMS
  • What students should gain from EMS
  • What is required of the student on EMS
  • Before the placement
  • Insurance
  • During the placement
  • Measuring progress and feeding back
  • RCVS regulations governing students in EMS placements

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    BVA membership support for veterinary students

    Student members can join BVA at a heavily subsidised rate and receive all of our benefits including:

    EMS contacts and schemes

    There are lots of exciting opportunities for EMS placements with a difference, across a range of sectors. Why not contact one of our species-or sector-specialist divisions to see what EMS programmes they have on offer?

    Government opportunities

    The Association of Government Vets (AGV) signpost to EMS Placements at APHA. For more information contact: EMS@apha.gov.uk 

    Equine opportunities 

    BEVA Vet Practice Directory   

    Poultry opportunities

    BVPA are able to assist undergraduates to find EMS poultry placements and students can make application for financial support to the BVPA Trust Fund

    Wildlife/zoo opportunities

    BVZS student members can access the BVZS EMS list

    Fish opportunities

    Fish Veterinary Society (FVS) Spring Scientific Conference – Engaging and supporting vets student

    • FVS provide opportunities for young colleagues to attend the FVS Spring Scientific Conference, present their work and have access to networking
    • Attendance to the conference is fre
    • FVS committee actively seeks Student Sponsorships from the industry to fund places at their conference.

    The John L. Pitts Aquatic Veterinary Education Awards Program also offers financial support each year to a limited number of veterinary students or recent graduates of recognized veterinary schools, allowing recipients to explore a career in aquatic veterinary medicine through a variety of aquatic veterinary educational activities. 

    Goat opportunities

    For more information about opportunities please contact the Goat Veterinary Society (GVS).

    Laboratory opportunities

    Read why you should consider an EMS placement with a laboratory animal vet. Find out more about the LAVA EMS Scheme.

    Sheep opportunities

    For more information about opportunities please contact the Sheep Veterinary Society (SVS)

    Veterinary Public Health opportunities

    Use your EMS placements to discover how veterinary public health makes a difference to the profession and society.

    Structured EMS placement programmes in veterinary public health