BVA Board

The Board is responsible for corporate and financial governance, setting the strategic direction and overseeing the performance of the BVA.

Chief Executive David Calpin makes management decisions for the Association and reports to the Board on a regular basis. 

Company Secretary is Derek Thorpe.

Election and terms of office

The Board consist of 9 members - 3 BVA Officers, 4 directors elected by Council and up to 2 non-veterinary directors appointed by the Board.

Non-veterinary directors are approved at the annual general meeting.

The Chairman is elected by the other members of the Board and is responsible for monitoring implementation of the Board's plans and decisions.

With the exception of the BVA Officers, the directors serve for a 3 year period, renewable once.

Board members


Derek Williams

Deputy Chairman, Council elected 

Andrew Praill

Council elected

Zara Boland

Council elected

Bill Reilly 

Non-veterinary director

Alan Baines

Council elected

Philip Lowndes


John Blackwell

Senior Vice President

Robin Hargreaves

Junior Vice President

Sean Wensley