Young Vet Network

The BVA Young Vet Network provides additional support and guidance for members in their final year of study and first 8 years after graduation

What is the Young Vet Network?

BVA recognises that the transition from vet school to professional life can be challenging. So we set up the Young Vet Network (YVN) to provide additional support and services to BVA members in their final year and first 8 years after graduation.

Membership of the YVN is automatic for BVA members in their final year of vet school and in the first 8 years after graduating. It is free as part of your BVA membership.

Benefits of being part of the YVN

  • Free personal accident insurance
  • Face to face meetings in your region
  • Graduate representation 
  • Free professional guidance
  • Free BVA new graduate guide
  • Free and discounted CPD
  • YVN discussion forum

Free personal accident insurance

YVN members receive free personal accident insurance as soon as their membership starts.

Cover applies 24 hours a day and not just while you’re working. The benefits are designed to provide you with the financial resources to help you cope with suffering a serious injury following an accident.

For the precise details of what's covered see the full policy. Please note, it does not protect your income or provide cover in the event of death.

There's also an option to extend your cover to include income protection in the event that you are ill or injured. All members who take out income protection through Lloyd & Whyte receive a 50% discount off their next BVA membership renewal.


Contact BVA's insurance provider Lloyd & Whyte on  0845 070 0115

Face to face meetings in your region

YVN meetings provide an opportunity to meet your peers, discuss the pressures and the pleasures of the job, and enjoy social events together.

Just turning up to a YVN meeting will count towards your CPD hours.

The meetings are open to all graduates up to 8 years qualified. You do not have to be a member of BVA or your local division to take part.

Find your nearest YVN meeting

If the nearest YVN meeting is too far away then why not start your own? We have produced a facilitator's handbook which offers guidance on how to organise a meeting with advice on structure, publicity, discussion topics and sponsorship.

Facilitator's handbook

Find your nearest YVN organiser

Division Name Contact
Central Abigail Woods
Cornwall Lizzy Whiting
Eastern Counties Graham Duncanson
Herts & Beds Libby Sheridan
Lincolnshire & District Hannah Rowland
North of England (NEVA) NEVA
North of England (NEVA) Mandy Ball
North of Scotland Sam Hutchinson
North Wales Jill Hubbard
North West Stephanie Walsh
South Wales Kate Hovers
Western Counties Thomas Rees

Set up a YVN meeting

Would you like to set up or run YVN meetings locally? Call Alys Walker at BVA on 020 7908 6336 or email

Graduate representation

YVN members are represented on BVA Council by your recent graduate representatives Jen Marsh and Laura Parish.

They are there to champion the professional concerns of BVA's young vet members. 

Read Jen and Laura's latest blogs about their working lives

Free professional guidance

You can access a range of employment resources in our workplace guidance section.

Professional Development Phase

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) expects all new graduates to continue learning throughout their career. The Professional Development Phase (PDP) is the self-assessment system designed to help new graduates to develop their professional and clinical skills to the standard expected after about a year in clinical practice. The RCVS has detailed information including how to set up your PDP record.

BVA guide to PDP for new graduates

RCVS information, guidance and example PDP notes

Free BVA new graduate guide

YVN members receive our free 120-page BVA new graduate guide, which includes career advice, applying for jobs, tips from recent graduates on what they wish they’d known when starting out and much more.

Free and discounted CPD

Recent graduate members up to three years qualified can get membership to The Webinar Vet for just £30 plus VAT per month.

Find out more

BVA Young Vet Network members get 50% off RVC recorded webinars and pay just £15

Find out more

BVA Young Vet Network meetings are free to attend and count towards your CPD hours.

Find your nearest meeting

YVN discussion forum

The YVN forum on the  BVA community is the ideal place to get in touch with other recent graduate members to share experiences and voice any concerns you may have.

The forum is only accessible to other YVN members and features anonymous posting to enable sensitive issues to be discussed without fear of the original poster being identified. 

YVN contact

For more information on the YVN scheme contact Zoe Davies via or call 020 7908 6362