Eye scheme

The BVA screening programme for hereditary eye disease in dogs is run in conjunction with the Kennel Club and the International Sheep Dog Society.

The Scheme now covers 12 hereditary eye conditions in over 50 breeds. 

The main purpose of the Scheme is to ensure that there is no evidence of hereditary eye disease in dogs used for breeding.

The examination process and appeals procedure (23.2 KB PDF)

We recommend that breeders submit dogs for annual eye tests as some diseases have late onset of clinical signs.

It is possible for litters to be tested for congenital hereditary conditions such as Collie eye anomaly and multifocal retinal dysplasia when they are 5 to 12 weeks old.

Eye panellists

There are 40 appointed eye panellists around the UK and Ireland who can issue official certificates.

View all 40 eye panellists (39.1 KB PDF)

Find your nearest eye panellist

Dates and locations of planned examination sessions - March (76.3 KB PDF)

Dates and locations of planned examination sessions - April (72.9 KB PDF)

Description Cost ex VAT per dog Cost inc VAT
Routine eye examination
1st dog £45.00 £54
Extra dogs in same ownership £39.58 £47.50
Group testing (25 or more) £30.83 £37
Examination of dogs over 8 years £26.67 £32
Gonioscopy per dog - no discount for more than one £45.00 £54
Gonioscopy at time of routine examination £39.58 £47.50
Litter screening (5 to 12 weeks)
1 to 3 puppies £26.67 £32 per litter
Per puppy for litters with more than 3 puppies £9.17 £11 per puppy
Duplicate copy of certificate £26.67 £32

Publication of results

Eye Scheme results are only published where a specific condition is known to be inherited and certified as such.

The Kennel Club are responsible for publishing eye results for all pedigree dogs in the Kennel Club Breed Records Supplement and on progeny registration certificates.

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