BVA Scottish Branch

BVA Scottish Branch exists to represent members in Scotland. It brings together representatives of our specialist and territorial divisions, government, academic institutions and research organisations in Scotland.

If you are a BVA member living in Scotland, you will automatically be a member of BVA Scottish Branch.

Role of Scottish Branch

Our aims are to:

  • Foster the interests of the veterinary profession in Scotland
  • Advise on the consensus view of BVA members in Scotland on Scottish and UK issues, particularly with reference to the Scottish Parliament and government, Scottish law, the National Farmers Union of Scotland and Scottish animal welfare organisations
  • Promote meetings in any part of Scotland for the discussion of veterinary topics and kindred subjects, including assisting in the promotion of CPD provided by the territorial and specialist divisions

Veterinary voice for Scotland

We want to ensure the veterinary voice is heard in the Scottish Parliament and Government.

View our latest campaign activity in Scotland

Representation on BVA Council

Your two Scotland representatives on BVA Council are Kathleen Robertson and your regional representative Emma Callaghan.

You can also contact your representatives directly on or or via the Scotland forum on the BVA community

Scottish Branch Officer team

  • Kathleen Robertson, President
  • Melissa Donald, Senior Vice President
  • Emma Callaghan, Regional Representative
  • Robert Anderson, Honorary Secretary 

Scottish Branch Council

The role of the Scottish Branch Council is to:

  • Discuss veterinary policy issues as they relate to Scotland and make all efforts to reach a consensus view on those issues
  • Assist BVA in formulating policy

Scottish Branch meetings

The Scottish Branch Council meets three times a year.

Scottish Branch teleconference minutes, March 2019 (107 KB PDF)

Scottish Branch teleconference minutes, December 2017 (241 KB PDF)

Scottish Branch teleconference minutes, March 2018 (244 KB PDF)

Annual General Meeting

The Scottish Branch holds its AGM in May/June and all BVA members who live in Scotland are welcome to attend.

Scottish Brand AGM minutes, May 2019 (187 KB PDF)

Scottish Branch AGM minutes, May 2018 (236 KB PDF)

Scottish Branch AGM minutes, May 2017 (254 KB PDF)

Scottish Branch activity

Scottish Branch regularly respond to Government consultations on a range of BVA’s priority policy areas and campaigning issues, including pet welfare, welfare at slaughter, animal health and disease monitoring, workforce issues and Brexit.

Read BVA Scottish Branch’s previous responses to consultations

All current consultations are available via Consultations - get involved

More information

To learn more about the work of the Scottish Branch, including meeting papers and consultation responses, please contact

You can also download the BVA Scottish Branch Constitution 2019-2020 (153 KB PDF)