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‘Mystery’ dog vomiting bug cases prompt veterinary advice  Listing Image
Vets applaud ‘One Health’ animal plan for Wales  Listing Image
Kick off 2022 with a promise to take simple steps to protect your planet Listing Image
Help your pet cope with fireworks stress with early preparations, urges BVA Listing Image
Support sought from Prime Minister for Afghan veterinarians Listing Image
Pet alert! ‘Toxic’ chocolates and Christmas puds top vets’ list of festive dangers for pets Listing Image
British Veterinary Association responds to the UK trade deal with Australia.  Listing Image
Not the most wonderful time of the year? 51% of vets needed at work over Christmas Listing Image
Vets issue statement following BBC Wales investigation into backyard dog breeders Listing Image
Independent research casts doubt on belief that certain types of dog are inherently dangerous Listing Image
Animal Welfare Foundation welcomes new Chair Listing Image
BVA launches resource to empower vet teams to champion equality, diversity and inclusion in their workplace Listing Image
Time for Change: Vet profession must work together to combat widespread discrimination revealed by new BVA statistics  Listing Image
 New Avian Influenza guidance issued for vets dealing with wild birds and backyard poultry Listing Image
BVA begins search for 2022’s veterinary photographer of the year Listing Image
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