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We work with companies to help them brainstorm ideas and develop answers to some of the big issues facing the veterinary profession. We also help businesses engage people. Offering them opportunities to speak to their customers, key stakeholders, and their staff about the vital issues that matter to all of us.  

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We have partnered with Mars Petcare on a number of initiatives to promote animal welfare.

Mars Petcare partnership

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We’re experts in responsible business and animal welfare

From the risks of antimicrobial resistance, workforce shortages, and pet obesity to the benefits of good veterinary workplaces, supporting young vets, and preventive healthcare...

We offer fresh insights to guide innovative answers to the big issues facing businesses who work in the veterinary world. We create stakeholder engagement opportunities to support businesses in tackling the future, whilst guiding businesses to make a positive contribution to animal health and welfare.

We also bring people together, working across the profession, industry, the media, and policymakers to identify cross sector approaches to help affect positive change.

We encourage the companies we work with to continue to strive to make a better world for humans and animals and to play their role in building a better future.

Mars Petcare

BVA and Mars Petcare are working together to examine the links between pet nutrition, human behaviour, and healthy body weight in pets. Together we’re working on several projects to identify the problem and work towards solutions.

Mars Petcare partnership


Sharing a recognition that the transition from student to qualified vet can be challenging, Zoetis and BVA are working on several projects that help to showcase the contribution of young vets to the veterinary profession.

Zoetis partnership