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Strategic plan 2024-26

Our three-year strategic plan helps us to deliver our long-term objectives and provide strong leadership, especially when emerging issues impact the profession. It sets out how we'll represent, support and champion vets at a time when the profession needs a strong BVA more than ever. 

The strategic plan maps our vision, our mission and our revised organisational values: Leading, Evidence-based, Proactive and Inclusive, and ensures our members are at the heart of everything we do. New to this plan are three overarching strategic themes – People, Animals, Planet; a One Health approach which has never been more pressing than in this time of climate emergency.   

Key activities are then outlined under four strategic aims:

  • Leadership and influence
  • Member support and benefits
  • Community and member engagement
  • Learning and career development

These are all underpinned by the strong foundations of our people, finances, sustainability and technology.

Our strategic plan was developed in consultation with members through our Council, our staff and our Board.  


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