Carpool Cases

Recognising that access to EMS has been impacted, we are working with Farm Animal Veterinary Society (FAVS) and The Association of Veterinary Students (AVS) to ensure that you are still able to have discussions and conversations with a variety of veterinary professionals.

Earlier this summer, we held virtual group chats with expert veterinary professionals from the RVC Class of 2002 to discuss clinical cases and scenarios, giving you the chance to join the conversation and ask questions.

Rather than James Corden in a car, we have BVA Junior Vice President James Russell leading each session from home to give you the chance to talk through scenarios and topics.

We're delighted to bring you some new sessions this Autumn, take a look at the topics and book your place in advance. 

Carpool Cases: Those tricky conversations we have with the owners of overweight pets

Date: 6:30pm, Tuesday 8 December 2020 

Speaker: Jo Gale

You see an overweight pet that would benefit from losing a bit, or a lot, of weight. Bringing up this issue with pet owners could seem daunting but we’ll talk to Jo Gale and get some great tips on how to deal with cases like this.

Jo has done a lot of work over the last few years educating people about healthy body weight in pets, based on published science and advice from pet and human experts on obesity. With a background that went from practice to labs to industry, we’ll be able to ask Jo about her career path and learn about the options available to you with a veterinary degree.

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