Carpool Cases

Recognising that access to EMS has been impacted, we are working with Farm Animal Veterinary Society (FAVS) and The Association of Veterinary Students (AVS) to ensure that you are still able to have discussions and conversations with a variety of veterinary professionals.

In summer 2020, we held virtual group chats with expert veterinary professionals from the RVC Class of 2002 to discuss clinical cases and scenarios, giving you the chance to join the conversation and ask questions.

Rather than James Corden in a car, we have BVA Junior Vice President James Russell leading each session from home to give you the chance to talk through scenarios and topics.

Carpool Cases will be returning soon, in the meantime you can catch up on previous sessions below. 

Upcoming sessions

Farm vet career pathways with Ian Cure 

Tuesday 19 January, 6.30pm

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Is farm animal welfare being overlooked in favour of production? with Matt Dobbs 

Tuesday 26 January, 6.30pm

The efficiency of UK livestock production has doubled over the last 30 years, with larger herds and flocks producing greater volumes of meat milk and eggs from the same number of stock. But in this drive for agricultural productivity, has the welfare of farm animals suffered? What role should vets have in livestock farming in the 21st Century? And how can veterinary professionals help farms achieve sustainability without compromising welfare.

We'll talk to AWF trustee Matt Dobbs and include various case studies around this key topic of discussion.

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Farm with Ifan Lloyd 

Tuesday 2 February, 6.30pm 

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Lambing with Yoav Alony-Gilboa

Tuesday 9 February, 6.30pm 

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Dealing with complications of equine castration with Malcolm Morley

Tuesday 16 February, 6.30pm

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CV and interviews and looking forward with Adrian Nelson Pratt

Tuesday 23 February, 6.30pm

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