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Good veterinary workplaces - introducing BVA's new policy position Listing Image
Reducing injurious feather pecking  Listing Image

Reducing injurious feather pecking

15 Sep 2020

Mark Williams, Chief Executive of the British Egg Industry Council tells us how good progress has been made on reducing injurious feather pecking, but collaboration is the key to further success.

Courageous conversations: reflections on the first dedicated veterinary diversity conference Listing Image
‘Dogs die in hot cars and on hot walks’ – new evidence on heat-related illness in UK dogs Listing Image
My journey to vet school – how taking a year out can set the right foundations Listing Image
The logic of applying behavioural science to bovine tuberculosis Listing Image
PHE’s clarification on PPE use and contact tracing: What it means for you Listing Image
Don’t get petfished like Poppy’s owner: how to make sure you get a happy, healthy pet Listing Image
Young Vet of the Year Award 2019 Winner: keep the faith and take opportunities Listing Image
Harmonising higher welfare assurance – the Global Animal Welfare Assurance (GAWA) alliance Listing Image
Malcolm Morley: my experience chairing BVA’s bTB Working Group Listing Image
Meet friends and get support with BVA Young Vet Network (YVN) Listing Image
Rabies Control: An integrated One Health approach  Listing Image

Rabies Control: An integrated One Health approach

06 Jul 2020 | Emma Taylor

In this example of #OneHealthInAction, Emma Taylor describes the challenges to rabies control and elimination, and how mathematical and economic modelling techniques are being developed at the University of Surrey to support the global efforts of elimination by 2030.

Tips for staff returning after furlough Listing Image
Tips for managers welcoming staff back Listing Image
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