We all need to play our part in creating #GoodWorkplaces

Healthy workplaces are good for everyone, and for business. Creating good veterinary workplaces allows veterinary professionals to fulfil their professional oaths and continue to safeguard animal health and welfare, and public health.

We’re calling on all members of the veterinary profession, across all sectors of veterinary work, to commit to our vision for a good veterinary workplace.

#GoodWorkplaces #TimeForChange

Why do good workplaces matter?

Stress, burnout, discrimination, and lack of career progression all contribute to the retention crisis in the veterinary profession.

Our workforce report, a study conducted with the University of Exeter, clearly showed that vets' day to day experiences have the greatest impact on their satisfaction with their work, and directly impacts on their desire to leave or to stay.

To tackle the ‘leaky bucket’ of vets leaving the profession, we all need to play our part in creating a good workplace culture, where everyone feels valued and included.

To help achieve this, we’ve set out our vision for how a good veterinary workplace should look, highlighting the core principles and key resources every workplace should have.

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This is an opportunity for our profession to take ownership, improve conditions, and make our workplaces ones to be proud of, where we all fit in and provide a positive experience for all.

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How can you get involved?

No matter your role or chosen sector, and regardless of whether you are an employer or an employee, every member of the profession has a role to play in creating and maintaining good workplaces.

Work through our position to identify how you and your colleagues can help. We’ve developed articles and resources to help you. Find out how to get started with our guide or select one of the boxes below to find out more about each section of our Good workplaces policy. 

How to get started

Latest updates

New BVA menopause hub launched

Our new menopause hub provides veterinary specific menopause content to support everyone working in practice - including colleagues, managers and partners of people experiencing menopause. Head over now to find support for you, your workplace, and the latest BVA member benefits and offer.

BVA Menopause hub
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Talking about pay in the veterinary professions

A guide for employees, managers, and employers

Our resource on talking about pay in the veterinary profession has been created to advise and guide members how to discuss salary, total reward, pay structures and the importance of transparency surrounding pay. This guide is aimed at all vet professionals, from new grads through to employers and practice managers with relevant advice for each area.

This resource is available exclusively to BVA members.

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