Vets’ £1,300 donation brings Christmas cheer to Hounds For Heroes

12 December 2014

Allen Parton, the Gulf War veteran who founded Hounds for Heroes, and assistance dogs EJ and Rookie received a warm welcome at the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) HQ on Wednesday 10 December 2014 when the Hounds for Heroes team paid a visit to collect a cheque for £1,300. The donation to the charity that trains and provides assistance dogs to injured and disabled ex-service people was contributed by vets after Allen’s inspiring and moving speech to BVA members in September.

Allen was a Chief Petty Officer serving in the Royal Navy during the Gulf War before a tragic head injury changed his life wiping out his memories and leaving him unable to walk, speak or write. Allen spent the next five years in hospital, struggling to come to terms with his disabilities. Allen was partnered with Endal, a yellow Labrador assistance dog. Endal transformed Allen’s life and the partnership between Allen and Endal inspired Allen to set up the charity Hounds for Heroes. 

The cheque was presented to Allen by the BVA Officer team – BVA President John Blackwell, Senior Vice President Robin Hargreaves and Junior Vice President Sean Wensley – as the Hounds for Heroes team gathered around the BVA Christmas tree. Doggie treats were also presented to EJ and Rookie… to appreciative wagging of tails. 
Allen said of the visit: 

“It was great to meet up with the BVA team again and Hounds for Heroes are extremely grateful to all the BVA members who gave so generously. We are big fans of vets at Hounds for Heroes – not just because they give us nice cheques – but because of the importance of the work vets do in ensuring the health and welfare of our dogs throughout their service. Our vet friends are unquestionably pivotal to the success of our mission.

“With a healthy and happy dog anything is possible, these dogs are life changing and so enabling for their human partners. The dogs give their all unconditionally, so ensuring that in return they receive the very best in veterinary care from their very first day on parade to their retirement is an absolute given.”

BVA President John Blackwell said:

“Allen exemplifies both the human spirit and the special bond between humans and our four-legged friends, a bond that can transform lives. We were extremely moved hearing Allen speak at the BVA Members’ Day in September – inspiring, informing and uplifting. Our members spontaneously put their hands in their pockets to donate to this wonderful charity – something I would encourage everyone to do, particularly dog lovers and particularly at this sharing and caring time of year.”

BVA Media Office