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Looking to advance your career? As a BVA member you can access careers advice and support as part of your membership package, including

BVA Careers Service

In order to support you in developing your career we have teamed up with CoSector to provide the BVA Careers Service - a range of career coaching options at highly competitive rates. 

CoSector provide professional development courses, developed and facilitated by approved expert consultants.

Career coaching

There are a range of career coaching options which can be tailored to suit BVA members’ specific needs. Career coaching will give you the opportunity to gain skilled and impartial professional advice on your career issue, whether you are interested in making decisions about your future career, increasing your effectiveness in job hunting and applications, or considering a complete career change.

Some of the issues that could be addressed in a career coaching session include:

  • evaluating and enhancing your approach to progressing your career
  • identifying, researching and exploring career options
  • making important decisions about your future career path
  • developing practical career action plans to increase your chances of success
  • overcoming setbacks and problems in your career
  • returning to employment after a break
  • building confidence in your skills and abilities
  • presenting your experience and achievements more effectively on paper and at interview

Options and pricing

Career coaching - options and pricing

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Member testimonial

“I had several ideas turning over in my head but I have been so unsure about a potential change from life in practice that I had been going round in circles... David [from the BVA Careers Service] helped me to recognise this (which was a relief in itself) and to take the pressure off any immediate decisions.

He has given me some helpful steps to take in terms of making in-roads into some of the career possibilities that I have been considering.

I have been feeling under a lot of pressure at work and have been feeling stuck and frustrated. I feel so much better for speaking to someone experienced about my situation - it has taken away a lot of the fear that I had about a potential change.”

BVA career guides

BVA guide to job hunting

Get comprehensive advice and guidance on getting a job, such as preparing a CV, writing application letters, effective interview techniques and more. 

BVA guide to job hunting

BVA Career Development Stream

The BVA Career Development Stream at the London Vet Show is much more than just a signpost for potential jobs. The packed two day stream will provide personal and professional development to members at all stages of their career.

BVA Career Development Stream programme