Member Benefits Committee

The Member Benefits Committee (MBC) is a committee accountable to the BVA Board, advising on the development of new and existing member benefits and services in order to attract and retain members.

Committee members

The MBC is composed of:

  • 1 BVA Officer
  • 10 independent members appointed via the Nominations and Awards Group (NAG), including at least two recent graduates (up to 8 years qualified) and one student
  • 1 representative of the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS)

Across the whole committee we also have members with a mix of experience and expertise within the range of veterinary work.

MBC is currently chaired by Malcolm Morley.

MBC meetings

MBC meets twice a year. See the BVA committee calendar for dates.

MBC Summary of Actions - 20 Feb 2019 (PDF 163 KB).