The Vet-led team

What’s the issue?

The veterinary profession finds itself operating within a rapidly changing environment, including an expansion in the range of allied professionals, concerns regarding veterinary workforce shortages, technological innovations, and a change in the expectations of pet owners, farmers, industry, and other clients.

This context means it is more important than ever for the profession to set its vision for its relationship with the allied professionals we work with every day.

What's our view?

We have set out our vision for the vet led team- improved animal health, animal welfare, and public health through teamworking, with the vet at the centre.

In our position we set out a series of recommendations to resolve where the responsibility for a patient sits, and how it is shared between vets and allied professionals– such as vet nurses, meat hygiene inspectors, behaviourists and physiotherapists.

Central to our vision is the “Hub and Spoke” model. Vets should be the hub for treatment, directing clients to the appropriate allied professional after examining an animal, making a diagnosis and determining the best course of action. Allied professionals would operate as spokes surrounding the hub, returning cases back to the vet whenever further direction is necessary.

The vet-led team position also sets out recommendations on:

  • The contribution of vet nurses to the vet-led team, including support for new career pathways and clarity on delegation of duties under Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act
  • The regulation of allied professionals
  • Technological innovations and remote prescribing

Our policy position

BVA Vet-led team executive summary (121 KB PDF)

BVA Vet-led team policy position (320 KB PDF)

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