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Dilemmas experienced by government veterinarians when responding professionally to farm animal welfare incidents in Ireland

by Devitt, C., Kelly, P., Blake, M., Hanlon, A., More, S. J.

ObjectivesThis paper identifies the dilemmas experienced by government veterinarians during their investigations of farm animal welfare incidents that involve herd owner social, health, and/or psychological difficulties. The paper builds on explorato...


Histiocytic sarcoma in a flat-coated retriever with central and peripheral nervous system sarcomatosis

by Marcinowska, A., Constantino-Casas, F., Dobson, J. M.

A six-year-old male, neutered, flat-coated retriever presented with a suspicion of localised histiocytic sarcoma (HS) in the right axillary region, fine needle aspirate was suggestive of HS. The dog was prescribed four doses of radiotherapy (4x850 cG...


Acute respiratory aspergillosis in commercial ducklings

by Parker, D., Walker, A.

Sudden onset high mortality was reported in eight-day-old Pekin ducklings. Initial investigations failed to confirm a definitive diagnosis due to the lack of gross pathological signs and limited microbiological screening of postmortem samples. Poor q...


Ascites resulting from a ruptured perinephric pseudocyst associated with a renal cyst in a dog

by Orioles, M., Di Bella, A., Merlo, M., Ter Haar, G.

A three-year-old female spayed labrador retriever was presented with progressive abdominal enlargement due to ascites. Clinical examination, clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging and explorative laparotomy findings were suggestive of the contemporar...


Massive mandible osteolysis caused by Halicephalobus gingivalis in a mare

by Roullet, A., Semin, M.-O., Raymond-Letron, I., Cuevas-Ramos, G.

Halicephalobus gingivalis infects equines and humans and is reported to be usually fatal in equines. Generally, a diffuse granulomatous inflammation is seen with neurological signs. The authors here present the case of an infected mare that had to be...