West Midlands

The BVA Council regional representative for the West Midlands is Ally Anderson.

Members in the West Midlands can contact Ally via the West Midlands forum on the BVA community or via email: westmidlands@bva.co.uk.

Ally Anderson

Ally AndersonI have served as the West Midlands BVA Council representative for the past three years, and I am very keen to seek re-election so that I am able to continue serving the area. During my time on Council I feel I have contributed well to a large variety of discussions and have put forward views from the vets who I represent.

I was actively involved in the Vet Futures project and was given the opportunity to speak as a Young Vet representative on a panel at BVA Congress in 2015. This gave me the chance to air my views on important subjects covered by Vet Futures – particularly the issues behind vets leaving the profession at a young age. I have been a supporter of the Young Vet Network and have been very pleased by the progress BVA has made in this area in the past year. If re-elected I would hope to become more involved in the YVN and continue to support the groups in my area as I feel it is very important that recent graduates are well supported in the first years of their career.

I graduated from the RVC in 2009 and started my career at a mixed practice in Shropshire. After 4 years I moved to work at a farm only practice and by spring 2016 I was ready for a new challenge and moved into industry – I now work as a ruminant technical vet for an animal health company.

I have been a member of the Shropshire Veterinary Association since moving here from Yorkshire in 2009. I joined the committee five years ago and served as President in 2014/15. I started up a Facebook group to advertise the meetings and there has been an increase in the number of recent graduates attending. Whilst our main role as a committee is to organise and run clinical evening talks throughout the year, it is also a great opportunity for me to speak to vets from across the county and discuss their views on BVA policies. I have also visited other vet associations in the West Midlands to encourage vets to give their views.

I regularly post Council updates on the West Midlands message board in the online BVA Community – whilst there are not currently many people engaging in this I hope to work to improve discussions during my next term, so that I can properly represent the views of vets in my area.

There are many challenges facing the veterinary profession in the next few years – particularly with the uncertainty that Brexit will bring. I believe it is important that BVA continues to speak out as a strong voice for vets and I would be honoured to continue to contribute to Council as the West Midlands representative.