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BVA Council

2023 regional rep applications now open

We're currently looking for regional representatives in Scotland, North West, East of England, and South West - could it be you?

As a key member of BVA Council, you'll help influence our priorities setting, contribute to horizon scanning, and provide an informed steer on policy development.

Apply by 9am, Monday 11 December.

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Role of BVA Council

The role of BVA Council is:

  • to represent members’ views on matters of veterinary policy
  • to advise the Board on matters of veterinary policy 
  • to appoint 4 members as Directors of the Board
  • to approve new members of the Association and to recommend honorary members, honorary associates, and life members for election at the AGM
  • to recommend the Council’s preferred candidates for BVA President and Junior Vice President at the AGM

Composition of Council

BVA Council is chaired by the BVA President and has 43 voting members and 6 non-voting members:

  • 3 Officers (President, Junior Vice President and Senior Vice President)
  • 3 immediate past presidents
  • 9 elected regional representatives for England
  • 1 elected regional representative for Scotland
  • 1 elected regional representative for Wales
  • 1 elected regional representative for Northern Ireland
  • 1 Scottish Branch representative
  • 1 Welsh Branch representative
  • 1 Northern Ireland Branch representative
  • 19 specialist division representatives
  • 2 recent graduate representatives
  • 1 Chair of Policy Committee
  • 1 Chair of Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel (in attendance by agreement, non-voting)
  • 1 Chair of AWF Trustees (in attendance by agreement, non-voting)
  • 4 affiliate representatives from BVNA, VPMA, AVTRW, and BVLGBT+ (non-voting)

Council papers and minutes

BVA members can download the latest Council papers and minutes

Council members

BVA Officers

  • Anna Judson - President (Chair)
  • Malcolm Morley - Senior Vice President
  • Elizabeth Mullineaux - Junior Vice President

Branch representatives

  • Gwen Rees - Welsh Branch
  • Gareth Hateley - Scottish Branch
  • Esther Skelly-Smith - Northern Ireland Branch

Specialist division representatives

We have 20 Specialist divisions representing veterinary surgeons in different specialisms across the UK.

  • Adrienne Conroy - Association of Government Vets
  • Charlotte Tobin-Williams - Association of Veterinary Students
  • Sally Wilson - British Cattle Vet Association
  • David Rendle - British Equine Veterinary Association
  • Carl Gorman - British Small Animal Veterinary Association
  • Vacant - British Veterinary Hospitals Association
  • Adrian Knoetze - British Veterinary Poultry Association
  • Stuart Patterson - British Veterinary Zoological Society
  • Dario Mascolo - Fish Veterinary Society
  • Erin Andrews - Goat Veterinary Society
  • Rita Rose - Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association
  • Gemma Thwaites - Pig Veterinary Society
  • Ross Curnick - Royal Army Veterinary Corps
  • David Wilson - Sheep Veterinary Society
  • Debra Teo - Society of Greyhound Veterinarians
  • Ryan Davis - Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons
  • Aiden Foster - British Deer Veterinary Association
  • Lewis Grant - Veterinary Public Health Association

Regional representatives

We have 12 regional representatives on Council from across the UK. 

Chairs of BVA standing committees

  • Alice Moore - Policy Committee
  • Madeleine Campbell - Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel (non-voting)
  • Julian Kupfer - Animal Welfare Foundation (non-voting)

Affiliate representatives

  • Miles Russell - Veterinary Management Group
  • Alex Taylor - British Veterinary Nursing Association
  • Finn Twomey - Association for Veterinary Teaching and Research Work
  • Tom Doyle – British Veterinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and others Society

Past Presidents

  • Justine Shotton
  • James Russell
  • Daniella Dos Santos

Recent graduates

  • Elyse Smith
  • Emily Collins-Wingate