Our council

North East region

The BVA Council regional representative for the North East is Sara Jackson.

Members in the North East can contact Sara via email: [email protected].

Sara Jackson

Welfare and representation are core values for me when thinking about the animals at the heart of our profession, my colleagues in the varied roles it offers, and positive workplace culture which I pro-actively strive to promote. I want to actively help shape the future for veterinary surgeons, as we have major potential changes afoot such as re-evaluating the meaning of "under our care", the effects of Brexit on animal welfare and the overall staffing challenges the industry faces across the board.

I am particularly interested in staff retention by listening to my colleagues then helping to consider and implement methods to make our jobs sustainable in the long term. I am keen to help develop strategies to provide students with the skills they need to enter veterinary practice successfully and hopefully develop a similar passion for the veterinary sector. I want to continue that by promoting the young vet network by looking to develop peer to peer support and mentors from the industry.

For those who have become disillusioned with veterinary practice I want to show it is possible to regain a love for it, as I have done. By being a member of the local BVA regional council in the north east, including as President and CPD organiser, for the last eight years I have gained insight into the challenges faced by our profession and the approach the BVA takes in gaining colleague opinion to help shape the Association's mission.

I have considerable experience in pro-actively canvassing opinion to help with strategic thinking within my current job. I am confident in speaking up in group forums to promote others' opinions and promise to do so, even when they are different to my personal opinions. I have worked on multiple committees, debated ideas and helped to implement projects.

I am dedicated to the veterinary profession and the diversity of roles it contains and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to represent you.