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How it works

Our engaging Great Workplaces accreditation involves the entire team, ensuring everyone has their say.

Our team of trained accreditors are experienced professionals who understand veterinary work. They will support you throughout the accreditation process, and provide a detailed, practical feedback report discussed in person to ensure you get the most value from taking part.

Accreditation steps:

1. Introduction

  • You will meet with BVA’s accreditation manager to discuss any questions and talk through the timeframe and costs
  • Receive your preparation pack, including information to share with your team about the accreditation
  • Have a call with your assigned accreditor to introduce yourselves and arrange the face-to-face discussions


2. Staff survey

  • Receive a link to your dedicated staff survey from BVA. This usually takes place over two weeks, and includes a reminder sent from us to encourage participation
  • Get support if there is limited uptake and engagement from the team to see how we can help


3. Face to face

  • Your accreditor will select a number of team members to meet with – the number of staff interviewed will reflect the size of the team
  • Once all interviews have taken place, your accreditor will create their feedback report. The report contains feedback on your workplace strengths, plus resources and useful signposting for any areas of development
  • Feedback meeting
  • Discuss your data and all feedback with your accreditor. This covers any actions for you and the team to work through, agreeing what support you and your team will need moving forward, and creating an action plan to tackle any areas to develop
  • You will have ongoing support and a scheduled check-in at 18 months – the halfway point between the initial accreditation and reaccreditation after 3 years

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