Our council

North West region

The BVA Council regional representative for the North West is Kate Higgins.

Members in the North West can contact Stephanie via email: [email protected].

Kate Higgins

I qualified from the RVC in 2002 and after working in the South East for a few years, and a few months travelling, I moved back to settle at home in the North West.

I’ve spent my career in small animal practice and fulfilled my long-held desire to be my own boss when I bought a practice in 2012. Through managing a growing business and team I’ve been acutely aware of the many issues affecting vets and the veterinary industry over the past few years. We remain independent and as such I am grateful for the support offered by organisations such as the BVA and feel it’s important that independent practices continue to have a voice within them.

The BVA plays such an important role not only as a voice for the profession as a whole but also as support for the individuals within it. Never has this been more evident than over the past 12 months when much of the profession has looked to the BVA for guidance and support as we continue to steer our way through the chaos caused by a global pandemic.

There are more challenges to face as we tackle COVID-19, along with whatever Brexit may bring and there are many other interesting and important topics being discussed and debated by BVA council.

Those who know me know I’m never afraid to speak up about the things I care about and I do care deeply for our fantastic profession and the individuals within it. I’m passionate about helping tackle the myriad mental health issues affecting so many, the crippling perfectionism and self-doubt many are troubled by, and that can stifle our young graduates. I’m also keen to help educate the public about topics of importance such as the welfare implications of non-stun slaughter, the welfare and disease implications arising from importation of puppies and “rescue” dogs from across Europe and the popularity of brachycephalic dogs, and to help build trust between the public and the profession when certain sectors of the media seem so set on tearing us down at every opportunity. Through my own practice I’ve seen the impact that educating owners early and regularly in their pet’s life can have on assisting with preventative care and early diagnosis. I believe we can still do better at this as a profession and BVA is perfectly placed to get these messages out to wider audience