Working towards a greener profession

Vets have a vital role to play in helping to make sure that their workplaces are more environmentally friendly. They bring a great mix of experience and knowledge to conversations around sustainability. And they are well placed to engage in actions to reduce the environmental impact of the profession, wider industry, and the communities they serve. According to a 2019 BVA survey, 89% of vets said that they would like to play a more active role in the UK sustainability agenda.

Let’s support a greener future for the veterinary profession. #GreenTeamVet

Why is this an issue for vets?

In addition to their own footprint, the veterinary profession is closely involved with many sectors that have a direct impact on the environment. These are also topical areas in current conversations around sustainability such as food, farming, and antimicrobial resistance.

Vets work to champion and safeguard animal health and welfare and undertake varied roles across a wide range of animal species. Their expertise enables them to gain a unique insight into the damaging effects that our changing planet is having on animals.

As a health-centred profession, and key player in the One Health Agenda, vets recognise the interconnections between human wellbeing, animal wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the environment. Vets are one of the most trusted professions in the UK and their opinion matters.

Since the Vet Futures report was published in 2015, the urgency and public awareness of the issues facing humans, animals, and the natural world has accelerated significantly. There is no better time to start getting involved.

"We have an ambition to increase our prominence and influence across a wide range of global health and environmental sustainability issues – including protecting animal health and welfare, the natural environment, biodiversity, managing invasive species, climate change, food security, research and development, and antimicrobial resistance."   - BVA/RCVS Vet Futures report, 2015

Greener veterinary practice webinar series

We have teamed up with Vet Sustain and VDS Training to bring you a series of free webinars based on the topics covered in the Greener Veterinary Practice Checklist.

Each month, we’ll be focusing on a different topic around sustainability, discussing the key points, and ideas for how to embed the key principles into your workplace. Register for each session below.

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How can you get involved?

Video FAQs

Our Past President Justine Shotton was a huge sustainability advocate and filmed some handy climate FAQ videos to help you on your #GreenTeamVet journey.

Understanding the key terms can help you and your team have important conversations and make informed decisions on tackling your carbon footprint. We've been careful to keep them short and sweet so you have time to watch them all:

BVA has a green-level accreditation for our continued commitment to improving our ‘sustainability performance’, by Investors In The Environment (IIE).