All animals should be stunned before slaughter.

Scientific evidence shows that slaughter without pre-stunning (known as non-stun slaughter) causes animals unnecessary pain.

Ultimately, we want to see an end to non-stun slaughter across the UK.

Welfare at slaughter #stunb4slaughter

What’s the issue?

EU and UK legislation requires that all livestock is stunned before slaughter to render them insensible to pain at the time of killing. However, the law also allows an exemption for animals slaughtered in accordance with religious rites. Every year millions of animals are slaughtered without pre-stunning, compromising their welfare. 

Ultimately, we want to see an end to non-stun slaughter. In the short term we want to see a limit on the number of animals being slaughtered without stunning through: a system to match supply and demand; clearer labelling; post-cut stunning; a ban on the export of non-stun produce; and better dialogue with religious certification bodies to promote stunning.

How can you get involved?

Write to your MP

Write to your MP to support our calls for all animals to be stunned before slaughter.

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UK farm assurance schemes infographic

Use our BVA #ChooseAssured: UK farm assurance schemes infographic to help you choose meat products that have been stunned before slaughter.

Farm assurance schemes infographic (1.4 MB PDF)

Sign our open letter

Sign our letter with the RSPCA to call on the UK government to bring an end to non-stun slaughter.

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