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Fergus Mitchell

The future of the veterinary profession is very important to me, and I know the work the BVA does is paramount to the shaping of that future. I am a firm believer that strong representation is key, and I am honoured to have been elected to represent the South West on BVA Council.

I am a small animal vet in South Devon working at an independent practice. Having studied at Nottingham, I moved down to this beautiful area and am fortunate to call it home!

I am passionate about the many facets of our profession including the wonderful people within it and the policies and politics that surround it. Our profession is facing evermore changes and challenges and voices must continue to be heard from all corners of the UK.

Challenges such as breed legislations, trade issues, disease outbreaks, retention struggles, fertility clinics, antimicrobial resistance, CMA reviews and mental health, just scratch the surface of the pressures the veterinary community is dealing with. It can be a daunting prospect with no support or unity, but I believe the BVA plays a pivotal role in supporting the profession, communicating with the public and lobbying our regulators and government. It is important that we carry on tackling all of the challenges above, plus more, so we can have positive impacts on the day-to-day lives of vets, nurses, support staff, our patients and wider society.

As a young vet myself, I have an understanding of the responsibilities and pressures associated with starting work in our profession, whether as a RVN or veterinary surgeon. I hope my personal experience will enable me to connect with other young vets and nurses in the South West and amplify our voices as a driving force for the future of the profession. Equally, I will strive to work closely with regional associations and branches, engaging with their excellent committees to help contribute meaningfully to national conversations.

I am a passionate advocate for opening up mental health and have been a part of some exciting projects previously, including founding the national Vet Student Wellbeing Week, being involved with RCVS Mind Matters Initiatives and the VDS Student Club. I hope to continue similar work as the South West Representative, and look forward to representing the region.

If you have any questions, or just want a chat, please feel free to contact me.

Quickfire Q&A

  • Discipline: Small animal
  • University: Nottingham
  • Favourite animal: Dogs, special mention to sighthounds! 
  • What made you want to become a vet? Not entirely sure, but here we are and I’m enjoying being a vet a lot.
  • What’s an interesting fact about yourself? I ran a marathon in a giraffe suit. 
  • What is your favourite BVA member benefit/ reason you’re a member? I believe in the importance of strong representation for vets nationwide. I also find the journals a good way to keep on top of continuous learning and up to date with veterinary news too.

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