Our council

South West region

The BVA Council regional representative for the South West is Richard Walters.

Members in the South West can email: [email protected].

Richard Walters

I am predominantly a farm vet in South Devon working in an independent mixed practice. I graduated from Bristol in 2010 alongside my wife Naomi who works in small animal corporate practice. I am passionate about all aspects of our profession but especially general practice and ensuring frontline experience is well represented. I am seeking re-election to BVA council.

I have very much enjoyed being a voice for the vets of the South West at BVA council over the last three years. For me, representation of the profession is the most important aspect of my BVA membership. The London team are fantastic at finding ways of promoting both the profession itself and also other issues that vets feel strongly about, especially on animal welfare, meaning that many of the aspects of veterinary life that concern us as practitioners are represented nationally and internationally to both the public and government ministers.

The regional rep role is only part of the way in which your opinions can be heard but I have found it to be an important way of making sure that ‘grass-roots’ practitioners are directly represented.

Thank you to those of you who have sent me your thoughts over the last three years – they are always much appreciated and I do my best to represent a balance of your opinions. Special thanks go to my fellow Western Counties Veterinary Association council members and also to council members of the Cornwall Veterinary Association who have taken the time to read and debate BVA council papers and provide me with feedback.

I feel that BVA has never been more important to the profession than during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It also means there is plenty of work to be done in the next 3 years. Key areas for me are:

  • Ensuring students and new graduates are given as much support as possible, especially given their more turbulent entry into the profession.
  • Ensuring that we continue to navigate the pandemic as a cohesive profession.
  • Ensuring we do not lose sight of other long-term important policies such as those on Good Veterinary Workplaces, promoting good animal welfare and Bovine TB.

I am delighted to have been elected for a second term because now I have forged relationships within BVA I am well placed to represent your views to best effect within the organisation.