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Wales regional representative

The Wales regional representative on BVA Council is James Taylor.

We encourage you to contact James via email: [email protected] 

James Taylor

As a young vet that graduated into a professional landscape that was rapidly plunged into the depths of COVID, I have an acute and personal understanding of the workforce issues and other pressures that are currently plaguing the veterinary profession. Through the course of my life I have always lived in or near Wales and as such have strong connections with various parts of the country - from North Wales abridging my time on the Wirral while studying at the University of Liverpool, West Wales where I frequently visited Aberystwyth and my sister who studied there, and South Wales where I have lived and worked since graduation.

After struggling with the pressures of clinical work and taking time out to re-evaluate, I have refocused my efforts on improving the next generation of veterinary students, graduates and surgeons to better face the problems of today and tomorrow. I now work in a non-clinical environment assisting aspirational students on their path into the veterinary course and beyond and therefore have a unique position to let their voice be heard as a very under-represented stakeholder for the future of veterinary medicine in the UK.

Beyond this I have an extensive network across a plethora of different veterinary careers and am in constant communication with a variety of veterinary surgeons across species as well as those involved in public health, policy and education. I put an emphasis on open communication, and I intend to promote and garner the opinions of all stakeholders involved to make sure that maximum benefit is afforded to the profession as a whole.

Despite being a recent graduate, I am the president of the veterinary department of the mentoring company that I work for and have experience within a management role, strategically planning for the future of the sector. I was also a founding member and treasurer for the veterinary LGBT society whilst at university. I have experience leading a team as well as working with others towards the common goal of improving the veterinary workplace going forward and in the long term. I also regularly host national level conferences and a virtual veterinary society for applying veterinary students and as such have developed excellent communication skills to large and smaller groups of people alike, adapting my approach to ensure everyone is catered for.

I feel that I am in a position in my career where I can use the skills that I have developed thus far to make a positive impact on the veterinary profession in Wales and overall across the country. I work in a high impact environment helping to equip the students of tomorrow with all the skills needed to be great veterinary professionals and through the BVA this impact will only be amplified. I am a committed, qualified, determined young vet with the ambition to succeed and would be honoured to take on the mantle of regional representative for the great nation of Wales.