Our council

East Midlands region

The BVA Council regional representative for East Midlands is Nat Scroggie.

Members in the East Midlands can contact Nat via email: [email protected]

Nat Scroggie

I am a small animal vet based in Nottingham. As a new graduate, I used exercise to help me manage the stresses of life in practice. I started sharing my experiences through a blog, This Vet Runs, and found a passion for improving mental and physical health in our profession. I speak and write regularly about wellbeing and a positive workplace culture. I have developed a strong social media presence, forming relationships with vets across the country, in all fields. Whilst we must continue improving support for new graduates, I also want to ensure that this is also prioritised for experienced vets, who can find themselves struggling too.

I co-founded the Vet MINDS group after suffering a miscarriage. Vet MINDS offers support and understanding to those in the profession facing infertility or baby loss. Through Vet MINDS I have developed strategic thinking, problem solving, communication skills and committee experience. The support the project received has been overwhelming and is what gave me the confidence to explore how else I can make a difference as a vet.

The BVA is the voice of every member of our profession, and our bridge with the public. I have a passion for the wellbeing of my colleagues, but I also care deeply about the health and welfare of the animals we treat, and the planet we share. Whether it is educating owners about brachycephalic breeds before point of purchase or supporting our British farmers in maintaining high welfare standards, whatever Brexit brings. In this uncertain political climate, the BVA will play an even bigger role than before in representing our voice. Together, we can influence government policy on UK welfare standards in agriculture, at point of slaughter, and disease surveillance across all species. I also have interests in improving education around responsible use of antibiotics; sustainability; the use of animals in the media; and improving public perception of the veterinary profession.

I have recently become freelance, working mostly as a locum, to see where my interest in the wider veterinary field takes me. When I qualified, I didn’t expect my path to be so varied. But whether it is about wellbeing, animal welfare, or pregnancy loss, I have found that I have a voice. I want to use this within the body of the profession to make a positive impact. We are in a period of rapid, and sometimes frightening change. I would love the opportunity to be part of embracing this new chapter, helping support my colleagues with the challenges and opportunities this change brings, and to build trust between the profession and the public.