Our council

South East region

The South East regional representative seat on BVA Council is Paul Horwood.

Paul Horwood

I am a farm animal vet living on the Kent coast, and over the past 20 years I have been an Intern and Resident at University, an employee and then owner of an independent practice, a director in corporate practice, and have lectured at vet school, so I feel I have dipped my toe into many of the different parts of our very varied profession.

The BVA is the voice of our entire profession, whichever part you find yourself currently in,  and the council is where the multitude of issues currently affecting us are discussed and the priorities are decided. It’s really important that as many people as possible have access to this process, and I see the role of the rep for the South East as being all about communication, both from the profession in the South East into council, but also the reverse, in keeping everyone informed as to what the council is discussing and debating and why.

At the moment, with so much change and confusion around, the BVA needs us all to give our input to help shape the debate around big national issues such as; life post BREXIT affecting UK agriculture, imports and exports, our relationship with Europe, and the continued impact of the pandemic on how the vet profession operates, but also internal veterinary specific issues around our culture, such as attitudes to work life balance, diversity, and retention.

As the Treasurer and a Trustee of Vetlife, I can see the pressures this year has added to our teams, and our profession, and would love to be involved in shaping how we recover from 2020, and rather than aiming to return to what it used to be, can we make the profession a bit better?

Now is a good time to relook at how veterinary science, and science in general, struggles to be heard in the media, how vets can support our UK welfare standards in agriculture, how to improve the respect in the population for vets, and how to challenge some of the unhealthy cultures that exist in some our workplaces.