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West Midlands region

The BVA Council regional representative for the West Midlands is Nick Jackson.

Members in the West Midlands can email: [email protected]

Nicholas Jackson

During the last 3 years of representing the West Midlands region I have learnt a great deal about the workings of BVA council and the opportunities that having a well-informed, united veterinary voice gives us to impact animal welfare, professional governance and reputation.

In these increasingly trying times for both our profession and the animal owning public, our clients, it is more important than ever that the profession has clear supportive and compassionate guidance. BVA is very well placed to aid in this regard, in supporting vets and the wider veterinary community, communicating with the public and lobbying our regulator and legislators.

Particularly I have spoken about the challenges vets in our area face from significant numbers of unregulated fertility clinics and animals being presented with cropped ears. It is important we continue lobbying for support with new legislation to regulate this and control the poor welfare outcomes currently associated with some of these clinics.

Whilst working as a locum throughout the West Midlands region I have various contact with a range of people in a range of clinics allowing me to bring forward a considered view to council. I have also been engaged with regional vet groups to help get an idea of opinions in the area and take these forwards.

Sadly, owing to covid my previous ambition of helping to engage and grow the young vet network support in the region was hampered but I still believe that helping to have a strong local community of professionals is a great way of providing support and networking.