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East of England region

The current East of England regional representative on BVA Council is Johanna Sharples.

We encourage you to contact Louise via email: [email protected] 

Johanna Sharples

I am an enthusiastic small animal vet. I have been graduated for over 5 years and have worked in both full time employment and as a locum vet.

"Being a vet is the best and worst job I could have chosen,"- was the quote on the front of the Vet Record when I wrote a short piece back in August 2019 about my struggles with my mental health. One of my main objectives as a regional representative is to make the job more of "the best" for my region.

The profession is filled with predominantly caring and compassionate, wonderful people and it saddens me that retention is decreasing, and mental health is poor. I wonder what improvements in the profession would possibly slow this downward trend? Our profession is changing at an alarming rate, with increasingly more corporate owned practices, more vets turning to locuming and higher and higher expectations by clients- consequently, we must also be adaptable and change with the current climate. I have had first-hand experience of the transition to becoming a corporate owned practice, and the challenges along the way.

I have strong interests in animal welfare, shelter medicine and mental health with particular reference to physical activity as a coping mechanism. Personally, I have found much solace in my running training for my own mental health. I am currently attempting to complete the six world major marathon series. As a consequence, I am very impressed with the work of Chloe at VetYogi and the team at Vetfit, and think their initiates need championing.

Learning and developing new skills motivates me, so I am very excited to be your regional representative.