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Lucy Dobree

The unprecedented times we’re *so lucky* to be living through have presented the veterinary profession with a growing list of problems. A strong voice for vets feels more important than ever and I hope, as the new BVA representative for the East of England, I can act as an effective mouthpiece to get the views of region’s members heard.

I want to raise the issues you feel need prioritising. Perhaps you’re seeing endless imported dogs with exotic diseases? Or you’re sick of the fertility clinics and their ‘interesting’ advice around breeding? Or could be something entirely different, but you get the gist, I want to hear from you about anything you feel strongly about. We’ve seen what a difference BVA can make to the national veterinary landscape and it starts with its members. So please get in contact, can’t promise we’ll change the world but we can only try.

I’m also looking forward to engaging with as many members in the region as possible, in particular with the Young Vet Network. I was fortunate in my first job to work with two other newly graduated vets. Those two women were my emotional lifeline but I’m aware many new grads might be the only one in their team. Hopefully by signalling the Young Vet Network to recently graduated vets, we can help them feel less isolated, because sometimes you just need to talk to other people who get it.

And just so you know a bit about the person behind the email account. I graduated from Nottingham in 2014 and have worked in small animal practice ever since. For the last four years I’ve worked at a busy independent practice in Suffolk. Outside of practice I enjoy writing and am currently a regular columnist for Vet Record.

Quickfire Q&A

  • Discipline: Small animal first opinion practice 
  • University: Nottingham
  • Favourite animal: Dogs. Because...dogs. 
  • What made you want to become a vet? Was that weird pre-teen horse girl who believed it was a dream job. Isn't what that little nerd thought it'd be, but love it all the same. 
  • What’s an interesting fact about yourself? Currently writing a book.
  • What is your favourite BVA member benefit/ reason you’re a member? I really do think a strong voice for vets is so important right now. I also love the free financial advice

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