Our structure

BVA divisions

We have 20 specialist divisions and 24 territorial divisions providing services to, and representing, veterinary surgeons in different specialisms across the UK.

Specialist divisions

Association of Government Veterinarians

AGV is a non-territorial division of the BVA and membership is open to anyone who is currently, or has been previously, employed by a Government department, or who provides services to Government. 

Email Liz Kelly lizkelly@idsworth.com

Association of Veterinarians in Industry

AVI represents the interests of members working in commercial appointments, primarily pharmaceutical and allied industries. It has a discussion forum and produces an annual salary survey.

Email Ronan Fitzgerald ronan.fitzgerald@bayer.com.

Association of Veterinary Students

Represents all UK and Dublin veterinary students and aims to improve undergraduate education by bringing together all UK veterinary students.

Twitter: @AVS_UK_Ireland

Facebook: @AVS.UK.Ireland

Instagram: @avsukirl

British Cattle Veterinary Association

Association involved with all aspects of cattle veterinary matters and consulted by many organisations for informed opinion.

Email: office@cattlevet.co.uk or call 01452 260125 

Twitter: @theBCVA

British Equine Veterinary Association

BEVA promotes veterinary and allied sciences related to horse welfare and is a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas.

Email: info@beva.org.uk

British Small Animal Veterinary Association

BSAVA fosters and promotes the interests of all veterinarians concerned with small animal practice, teaching, and research. It has developed into a major association and has charity status.

Email: secretary@bsava.com

Twitter: @TheBSAVA

Facebook: @TheBSAVA

Instagram: @TheBSAVA

British Veterinary Hospitals Association

The BVHA actively promotes high standards of patient care through improvements in the design, management, and equipment of veterinary hospitals. Full membership is open to any RCVS-approved veterinary hospital. Associate membership is open to any other UK practice or individual involved in the veterinary profession.

Email: secretary@bvha.org.uk

British Veterinary Poultry Association

The BVPA encompasses all matters poultry - breeding and hatching, welfare, research and development. The poultry industry is a leading agricultural industry and veterinary input is vital in this specialised and technical field.

Email: bvpa@bvpa.org.uk

British Veterinary Zoological Society

BVZS is involved in almost every aspect of the care and welfare of wild animals. It has responsibility for exotic pets, companion avian species, zoo animals, and wildlife.

Email: admin@bvzs.org

Twitter: @BVZSPresident

Fish Veterinary Society

FVS provides a forum for veterinary professionals with an interest in promoting the health and well being of fish by discussion of fish health care and problems and the exchange of professional and scientific information.

Email: secretary@fishvetsociety.org.uk 

Facebook: /fishvetsociety

Goat Veterinary Society

Founded in 1979 to promote interest in, and improve knowledge of, goats in the veterinary profession.

Email: Ben Dustan MRCVS gvs.enquiries@gmail.com

Twitter: @vetgoat

Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association

LAVA deals with the veterinary care and all aspects of the welfare of laboratory animals. It helps to make sure that vets are properly equipped to look after experimental animals.

Email: secretary@lava.uk.net

Pig Veterinary Society

The aims of the society are to enhance knowledge and understanding of pig disease, herd health, management, husbandry, economics, and welfare.

Email: secretary@pigvetsoc.org.uk 

Twitter: @PigVetSoc

Royal Army Veterinary Corps

Membership is open to serving or retired members of the RAVC who are BVA members.

Email: regtsecravc@hotmail.co.uk

Sheep Veterinary Society

Promotes sheep health and welfare and provides a forum for discussions and advice on sheep matters.

Email: secretariat@sheepvetsoc.org.uk

Twitter: @sheepvetsoc

Society of Greyhound Veterinarians

Concerned with the health and welfare of the racing greyhound.

Email Michael Watts peninsulaveterinaryclinic@gmail.com

Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons

Provides advice, information, and practical guidance for vets working in general practice.

Email: office@spvs.org.uk

Veterinary Deer Society

Members are involved with the management and diseases of wild and captive deer.

Veterinary Public Health Association

Concerned with all aspects of the production of food of animal origin and the improvement of animal welfare. 

Territorial divisions

Ayrshire Veterinary Association

Contact: davidlogue@dsl.pipex.com

Central Veterinary Society

Contact: secretary@centralveterinarysociety.org.uk

Cornwall Veterinary Association

Contact: thecvacouncil@gmail.com

Cotswold Veterinary Association

Dumfries and Galloway Division

East Midlands Veterinary Association

Eastern Counties Veterinary Society

Contact: vetdunc@btinternet.com

Essex Veterinary Society

Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Veterinary Society 

Contact: hbvssecretary@outlook.com 

Lakeland Veterinary Association 

Contact: abijohnson@frameswiftandpartners.co.uk

Lincolnshire and District Veterinary Association

North of England Veterinary Association

North of Ireland Veterinary Association

North of Scotland Division

Contact: nosdsecretarybva@gmail.com

North Wales Division

Royal Counties Veterinary Association

Shropshire Veterinary Association 

Contact: arthur.otter@ahvla.gsi.gov.uk

South Eastern Veterinary Association

Contact: madvet@supanet.com

Southern Counties Veterinary Society

Sussex Veterinary Society

Warwickshire Veterinary Association

WVCC Programme 2017-18 (82 KB PDF)WVCC Sub form 2017-18 (62 KB PDF)
Contact: warwickshirevetcc@btinternet.com

Western Counties Veterinary Association

Wyvern Veterinary Society

Contact: gibbsupbentley2@yahoo.co.uk

Yorkshire Veterinary Society

Affiliate organisations

Association for Veterinary Teaching and Research Work

Represents teachers of veterinary science in the UK and Irish veterinary schools as well as those engaged in veterinary research in universities, research institutes, and industry.

Email: avtrw@bsas.org.uk

British Veterinary Nursing Association

Promotes animal health and welfare through the ongoing development of professional excellence in veterinary nursing.

Email: bvna@bvna.co.uk

Veterinary Management Group (formerly VPMA)

Aims to help grow veterinary practice management skills through support, sharing, and learning.

Email: office@vetmg.com